Courts give relapser final opportunity to reform

Court gives thief a window of opportunity to change his ways, after repeated imprisonment terms and conditional discharges did nothing to dissuade him from crime

Brian Sciberras, 37 of Paola and father to a young girl, was placed under a three-year probation term, after pleading guilty to stealing from his own boss.

Prosecuting inspector Sarah Magri told the court that in the last two months of 2013, the accused had stolen a sound system from a car worth €480. The equipment belonged to his employer Simon Jesmond Turner. The accused was also charged with relapsing.

Sciberras has in the past been convicted in theft and drug-related charges.

Noting the accused’s admission, the court warned him of the consequences of his guilty plea. “Given the accused’s past, the court believes that neither repeated conditional discharges nor effective jail terms managed to keep Sciberras away from stealing. However his last court case was in 2012 relating to charges of possession of heroin three years prior.”

Magistrate Aaron Bugeja decreed that Sciberras could be given a window of opportunity, during which he could, with professional help, change his life. “You have learnt nothing from repeatedly being a resident at the prisons. This court will take a final risk and put you under a probation order for three years, during which you will be given help and support to change your life,” the magistrate told the accused.

The court ordered that every six months a probation officer is to file a written report about the accused’s behaviour.