Man admits to drug possession

Man admits to drug possession after 2 kilos of cannabis were found in his vehicle during police search.

28-year old Clive Dimech of St Paul’s Bay was granted bail after admitting possession of 2 kilos of cannabis but denies having been in possession of cannabis resin and cocaine back in 2009.

Prosecuting inspectors Malcolm Bondin and Nikolai Sant told the court how yesterday evening, Dimech was stopped during a random police check at Kennedy Grove. After a search in his vehicle, officers found close to 2 kilos of cannabis drug.

During interrogation, the police noticed that features of Dimech’s body matched the description given by witnesses in a case dating back to 2009. In both cases, the drug was found in circumstances denoting it was not for personal use.

Inspector Bondin said that although a number of people had released statements under oath giving a man’s description, the police had failed to find the culprit. “It was only during Dimech’s interrogation that we realised the accused matched those descriptions”, he said.

Dimech was charged with yesterday’s cannabis find and with having been in possession of cannabis resin and cocaine in 2009.

In his request for bail, legal aid lawyer Patrick Valentino argued that the police could not withhold information then deny the accused bail.

Magistrate Neville Camilleri upheld the request and granted Dimech bail against a deposit of €1,500 and a personal guarantee of €10,000. The court also ordered that the accused’s assets are frozen