Tourists drive into wall as rain creates slippery conditions

Foreign couple conveyed to Mater Dei Hospital, only the passenger suffered minor injuries

The Chevrolet involved in the accident.
The Chevrolet involved in the accident.

The rainfall that hit parts of the Maltese islands late this afternoon has caused a few problems for traffic and a headache for the police: one couple, a Polish woman and a British man, were taken to Mater Dei Hospital when the woman suffered minor injuries in an accident.

The accident happened around 5:40pm when the couple, driving in a rented Chevrolet, were on Għajn Tuffieħa Street in the direction of Xemxija Bay. Due to the slippery conditions of the road, the driver lost control of the car and skidded to the side, hitting a boundary wall.

Rapid Intervention Unit police were on the spot in a few minutes and called an ambulance when they say that the female passenger needed medical assistance.

Traffic police and district police were also on site, while police were kept busy in other parts of the island due to minor traffic accidents.


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