Relapser jailer over aluminium theft

A 24-year old man is jailed being convicted of stealing aluminium and selling it to a metal factory.

Roderick Montesin, 24, of Siggiewwi, was jailed for 21 months after being convicted of stealing and selling an aluminium door

The case goes back to 27 March 2012, when Montesin stole aluminium apertures from a farm in Hal Safi. Passer-by John Calleja noticed a Hyundai vehicle stop outside a farm belonging to a certain Carmel Zammit.

Montesin got out of the vehicle and from under the farm’s gate pulled a number of aluminium pieces, loaded them in the car and drove off.

The eye witness noted the vehicle’s number plate and passed it to the victim. Zammit, who had been noticing that things were disappearing from his farm, took the information and informed the police.

Mario Cremona, an employee of Metalco Limited in Luqa, identified Montesin as the person who had sold him aluminium parts for €47. The sale took place on the same day of the theft. At the time of the theft, the accused was out on bail. Whilst not denying that he sold aluminuim to Cremona, the accused denied he had stolen the metal from the farm.

Magistrate Ian Farrugia commented that Montesin has been given multiple opportunities by the court to change his ways, yet he persists down the same path.

The court made it clear that the version of the accused is not tenable and that the Magistrate does not believe his version of events.

“Punishment should be dealt in proportion to the offence and the culprit. The convicted needs to use jail time, to change his ways. If help is needed, it will be given”, Magistrate Farrugia told the accused.

Roderick Montesin was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment and asked the Director of Prison to support Montesin in rehabilitating his life.

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