Wrongly accused man’s daughter admits to perjury

The daughter of a man who was sent to jail after his daughter had testified that he had sexually abused her was arraigned in court today and admitted to perjury.

Leanne Camilleri, the daughter of Emanuel Camilleri – the man who was sentenced to two years in prison for allegedly defiling his daughter – was arraigned in court today, where she admitted to perjury.

In May 2012, 48-year-old Emanuel Camilleri was jailed for two years for defiling his daughter.

However during the appeal the girl withdrew her allegations, while further medical exams carried out on the girl revealing that she was still a virgin.

Subsequently, a constitutional court released the man as an interim measure after the daughter, now 20, recanted the original version of events after new evidence led to the mother being charged with perjury and remanded in custody.

Her father is currently undergoing constitutional proceedings against inspector Louise Calleja, the Attorney General, and the Police Commissioner where he is claiming that his right to fair trial was breached.

Her mother is also undergoing perjury proceedings as she stands accused of instigating her daughter to testify that her father had raped her several times. She was subsequently placed under a bill of indictment and remanded in custody.

Charged before Magistrate Doreen Clarke, Camilleri admitted to perjury.

The case was adjourned to enable her to reconsider her plea. A pre-sentencing report was also ordered. 

Inspector Sandro Camilleri was prosecuted while lawyer Maxiline Pace represented Leanne Camilleri.