Murdered mother ‘died due to multiple stab wounds’

Pathologist says murdered mother-of-two Yvette Gajta died due to hypovolemic shock caused by multiple stab wounds.

The scene of the crime in St. Paul's Bay in November 2012
The scene of the crime in St. Paul's Bay in November 2012

A mother-of-two who in 2012 was murdered after her partner allegedly stabbed her 40 times with a scissors died to multiple stab wounds, doctor Ali Sarfraz confirmed today.

Sarfraz was summoned in court this morning to testify against 58-year-old Hungarian Laszlo Nandor Marton.

Marton is charged with the voluntary murder of his Hungarian partner and mother-of-two Yvette Gajda in an apartment in St Paul’s Bay on 27 November 2012.

Taking the witness stand, Sarfraz told the court that he had carried out a post-mortem exam on the victim a day after the murder had taken place.

“After carrying out the exam, it was concluded that the deceased died to a hypovolemic shock caused by multiple stab wounds,” Dr Sarfraz said.

In turn, the hypovolemic shock made the victim unable to pump enough blood to the heart due to severe blood loss.

Laszlo Nandor Mardon is pleading not guilty to the murder.

During previous sittings, the court had heard that an argument had erupted between the accused and the victim.

Tempers flared and the victim allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors that were lying on a table nearby. Marton then snatched the scissors from her and stabbed her on her head, neck, shoulders and upper back.

Marton was arrested at the scene of the crime bearing a number of self-inflicted wounds.

The victim’s daughter had also told the court that Marton was jealous and convinced that his partner was having an affair.

Inspector Keith Arnaud prosecuted.