Updated | Gozo man hospitalised before arraignment over illegal firearms

Illegal cigarettes, ammunition also confiscated, Police expected to arraign owner

File Photo. Victoria Police Sation
File Photo. Victoria Police Sation

On Monday evening, Gozitan CID Police raided the “Id-Dura Pet Shop” in Viani Street, Victoria, after receiving a tip-off that illegal arms were located inside the shop.

Led by Inspector Frank Tabone, the police raided the establishment just after 8pm, where they found the owner of the shop, John Sultana.

A search was conducted and the police found 10 shotguns, ammunition consisting of pellets smaller than that required by law, and more then 18,000 cigarettes on which no duty had been paid. Sultana was arrested and taken to Victoria Police Station and kept for further investigations.

Gozitan police were expected to arraign Sultana in the coming hours, but the man had to be hospitalised at noon when he complained of suffering pain in his abdomen.

The police on duty called for medical assistance and Sultana was rushed to Gozo General Hospital by ambulance. No confirmation about Sultana’s condition was forthcoming but his court case has been put on hold until he is out of hospital.

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