Dutch rapist files criminal complaint over Facebook ‘death threats’

Convicted Dutch rapist Johan Stellingwerf files criminal complaint after Facebook commentators say he should be shot.

Johan Stellingwerf
Johan Stellingwerf

A convicted Dutch rapist who is currently being charged with raping his Maltese girlfriend has filed a criminal complaint against two Facebook commentators, claiming that their comments were “harmful, defamatory, and threatening.”

In his criminal complaint filed on Thursday, Johan Stellingwerf, 33, of Holland, called on the police commissioner to institute criminal action against two users, namely Karl Engerer and Dan Engerer, after the former described Stellingwerf as a “sick minded man.”

Stellingwerf also said that he was feeling threatened after another Facebook user – Dan Engerer – said “shoot this son of a bitch.”

The comments were posted after an article by the Malta Independent was shared online.

In its article, the newspaper stated that Stellingwerf – who is currently out on bail after pleading not guilty to raping his Maltese girlfriend over a two-month period – “surfaced in Malta after being subject to a nation-wide manhunt.”

On Monday, Stellingwerf, who is currently being charged with raping his Maltese girlfriend, claimed that he was feeling “threatened and harassed” after several “disgraceful” comments were posted on Facebook.

“My client is going through a difficult time. He is here in Malta solely because of these allegations. He is now being hounded and harassed,” defence lawyer Jason Grima said.

The remark was made during the compilation of evidence against Stellingwerf. The Dutchman is insisting that the sex – which is said to have been going on for at least two months – was consensual. Moreover, the court heard that upon setting foot in Malta in 2013, Vice Squad personnel arrested the man and instituted criminal proceedings.

In 2006, Stellingwerf was convicted of raping two women, and is currently appealing the sentence before the European Court of Human Rights. In 2010, a court acquitted Stellingwerf of drugging and raping three other women.

Lawyers Jason Grima and Malcolm Mifsud signed the protest.