Updated | Kerygma director accused of sexual abuse, Church Response Team investigating

Fr Charles Fenech, 54, has denied accusations of holding woman against her will according to police report filed in 2012

Kerygma director Fr Charles Fenech
Kerygma director Fr Charles Fenech

Five alleged victims of sexual abuse will be testifying against the director of the Kerygma Movement, Fr Charles Fenech, a prominent cleric well known as the organiser of an annual charity volleyball marathon.

TVM.com.mt featured a censored photo of the 54-year-old on Tuesday, as Fenech is being accused of holding a woman against her will.

He is due to appear in court on 17 December after several sittings were cancelled, when the defendant’s lawyer claimed he was unavailable for the hearing due to a medical condition.

The Church's Response Team is investigating the sexual abuse claims, a spokesman for the Curia has told The Times.

A victim who spoke to MaltaToday said the defendant’s delaying tactics were frustrating her need to seek justice in court.

The proceedings are being held behind closed doors. Fenech, a Dominican monk, is denying the accusations.

Fenech is accused of having, in Rabat and other towns, held a woman against her will and who was unable to resist his sexual advances because of her mental condition.

The report was filed in 2012, and dates to historic allegations.

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