Cospicua man involved in family fight charged with threatening inspector

Magistrate recommends prison authorities grant access to accused so he could visit partner in hospital.

Rapid Intervention Unit officers had to be called in to stop a massive family fight in Cospicua. Photo: Chris Mangion
Rapid Intervention Unit officers had to be called in to stop a massive family fight in Cospicua. Photo: Chris Mangion

A man facing an attempted murder charge for his involvement in a massive family fight in Cospicua was today charged with threatening an inspector in front of a magistrate yesterday.

Charlston Cassar, 22, of Cospicua, made the alleged threat on Thursday at the end of the compilation of evidence against him and his three brothers for their involvement in a fight in Cospicua, which involved over 30 people from two separate families.

Cassar was also charged with threatening Inspector Josric Mifsud, of breaching public peace, and of swearing.

He denied the charges and was remanded in custody after being denied bail.

Despite denying bail, Magistrate Francesco Depasquele recommended that the prison authorities grant access to Cassar so he could visit his partner in hospital.

 “Let me tell you, Mr Inspector, if I am not in hospital tomorrow...,” Charlston Cassar, said as he stood up and pointed his finger at the police inspector in full view of the magistrate. On his part, police inspector Josric Mifsud asked for protection.

Cassar was not allowed to conclude his sentence as he was stopped by other police officers and by his lawyer and was escorted out of the courtroom. While the accused was being escorted out, the inspector said, “it is your problem,” to which Cassar retorted by saying, “the problem is yours.”

Cassar then stormed out of the courtroom and was allegedly heard shouting, swearing and insulting Mifsud. The remarks were made after Cassar’s lawyer had finished submissions on bail.

Alongside with his three brothers, Cassar is pleading not guilty to assaulting and to insulting people during a free-for-all fight in Cospicua involving over 30 people of the Brincat and Dalli/Cassar families.

The brothers; Fredrick Dalli, 32, Charlston Cassar, 22, Redent Cassar, 20, and a 17-year-old youth are all pleading not guilty to the charges. Charlston and his brother Redent are also being charged with the attempted murder of Stephen Brincat.

Inspector Priscilla Caruana is leading the prosecution, while Lawyer Joseph Mizzi was legal aid.