Three divers winched to safety from Blue Grotto

The divers encountered difficulties due to high winds and currents

An Italian-Maltese team assisted three divers in distress this morning, helping them to safety after being dragged out to sea in the Blue Grotto area. 

An Italian Military Mission (AB212) helicopter on training was diverted to the scene by the AFM Operations Centre to assist divers that were reportedly in difficulty.

Two Melita Class Search and Rescue Launches were also dispatched to the area. It transpired that three foreign divers surfaced at the end of their dive but were eventually dragged out due to winds and currents.

AFM rescuers operating from the AB212 helicopter winched the divers - two male and one female - aboard.  The Italian Military Mission helicopter proceeded towards St. Luke’s helipad where an awaiting ambulance was called as a precautionary measure. The divers were all in good health and did not require any medical assistance.

In view of the strong winds currently hitting the Maltese Islands the AFM advises members of the public to exercise caution.