Libyan charged with pushing workmate through glass door

31 year-old plasterer Muhannad Fadlallah Ali is pleading not guilty to greviously injuring a 19-year-old Sudanese workmate

A court has ordered a Libyan man be remanded in custody after he was arraigned before it today charged with pushing his colleague through a glass door for insulting his mother.
31 year-old Muhannad Fadlallah Ali, who works as a plasterer and who currently resides at the Hal Far open centre denied greviously injuring a 19-year-old Sudanese workmate on Thursday evening in St Ursula Street, Valletta.
Fadallah told Magistrate Josette Demicoli that he had been friends with the victim, Rachid Awad Adam Yakub, until Yakub cursed his mother whilst at work. A violent altercation took place, resulting in Yakub being pushed through the glass door of the Harbour Hotel.
Fadlallah, who was also charged with causing damage to property and breaching the peace, sustained facial injuries during the fight.
Fadallah's lawyer Patrick Valentino requested bail.
Inspector Daryl Borg, prosecuting, explained that Yakub is also to face criminal proceedings for causing slight injuries, upon his release from hospital. 
Inspector Borg said the police had collected mobile phone footage from neighbours who had witnessed the fight and filmed it, but objected to bail on the grounds that there were witnesses who had not yet tendered their evidence. 
The court denied bail.

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