Welshman fined, handed suspended sentence after punching police officer

Welshman who punched police officer during drunken fit of rage handed suspended prison sentence and fined €800

A Welshman was today handed a one-year jail term suspended for four years and slapped with an €800 fine after admitting to punching a plain clothes police officer in Paceville on Friday night.

The court heard how Liam Anthony Griffiths, 32, of Wales, punched the officer in a moment of drunken madness, slightly injuring him in the process. Magistrate Gabriella Vella heard how the accused approached the accused thought that the police officer had stolen his car, and approached the officer to hand him the keys of the vehicle next to him, thinking it was his.

However, upon the police officer revealing his identity and his tag, Griffiths punched him in the face, causing him slight injuries in the process.

The accused pleaded guilty to injuring and to assaulting the police officer. He was also ordered to pay €200 for damaging one of the car’s side mirrors.

Lawyer Robert Gauci Mastre appeared for the accused.