Mangion Walker murder investigation links suspects to previous crime

Two murder suspects have now also been charged with carrying out a violent robbery at an Armier boathouse

Andrew Mangion (left) has been charged with murdering his ex-wife Eleanor Mangion Walker
Andrew Mangion (left) has been charged with murdering his ex-wife Eleanor Mangion Walker

Two men who stand charged in connection with the murder of Eleanor Mangion Walker have been accused of committing a separate violent crime after the murder investigation unearthed evidence linking them to a violent robbery at an Armier boathouse which occurred three months before the murder.

Andrew Mangion and Adhamjon Niyasov, who is also known as Kristjan Zekic, were arraigned before magistrate Charmaine Galea this afternoon, charged with theft aggravated by violence, means and value, as well as with holding the couple boathouse's two occupants against their will, grievously injuring one.

Police Inspector Keith Arnaud and Inspector Saviour Baldacchino further charged the men with slightly injuring the second occupant, carrying a stolen air pistol, carrying a weapon in public without a licence, voluntary damage to property, stealing a car belonging to the boathouse's occupants. They were also charged with having broken into a residence in Swieqi in March 2016, in which the Weirauch air pistol used in the boathouse robbery was amongst the items stolen.

It is believed that the arrests were made after traces of blood found on a shopping bag recovered from the back of a vehicle used by Mangion was found to belong to one of the boathouse robbery victims.

Mangion, 41, from Swieqi and Mosta resident Zekic, 34, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Lawyer Joe Giglio did not request bail for Mangion, who is already in preventive custody on suspicion of the murder of his ex-partner. Lawyer Giannella De Marco likewise did not make a request for bail on behalf of Zekic, who is facing separate charges of hiding the woman's body.

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