Parents tell court they forgive daughter for attacking them

Chantelle Montanaro, 24, was arraigned under arrest for attacking both her parents

A young woman admitted to attacking her parents
A young woman admitted to attacking her parents

A court will decide the fate of a young woman who admitted to attacking her parents in a domestic argument.

24 year-old iGaming employee Chantelle Montanaro was arraigned under arrest by Senior Police Inspector Trevor Micallef before magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech this morning. Montanaro was accused of attacking both her parents and slightly injuring her mother at around 1am this morning in St. Julian’s.

Montanaro, who lives in Gudja, was also accused of breaching the police, disobeying police orders and being drunk and incapable of taking care of herself.

Lawyer Dunstan Camilleri, appointed as legal aid to the woman, entered a guilty plea on her behalf.

Montanaro’s parents testified, telling the court that they forgave their daughter, but were informed by the court that the law didn’t allow it to stop proceedings as some of the charges were prosecuted by the police ex officio.

The court put the case off for judgment, releasing the woman on bail until then against a personal guarantee of €1500. She was also ordered to sign a bail book once a week.

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