Drug addict ordered to refund mother's stolen money

The man was living with his mother against her will, and stole €2,300 within three years


A court has ordered a man to refund his mother for items he had stolen to fund his drug habit.

Neville Abela, a 32-year-old security guard from Marsa had been charged before magistrate Neville Camilleri in June. Abela had been accused of possession of heroin and cocaine, as well as theft.

During the man’s arraignment on June 5, the court had heard how the accused, who lives with his mother, stole from her home in order to get money to buy drugs. “He didn’t just steal,” the prosecution said, “He took everything. He was living with his mother against her will, and she had thrown him out several times.”

He had pleaded guilty during a sitting on June 20.

In view of his guilty plea and joint submissions by the defence and the Attorney General, the Criminal Court presided by judge Giovanni Grixti, sentenced the man to probation for three years and placed him under a treatment order. He was also ordered to refund the €2,300 he had stolen from his mother within three years.