Tears in court for man denied bail over stabbing threat

The man's accusations include threatening a man and carrying arms proper during the commission of an offence 

A man who stands accused of threatening another man with a knife cut a pathetic figure in court today, sobbing and weeping dramatically throughout his arraignment.

39-year-old Renald Baldacchino of Qormi appeared in the dock before Magistrate Astrid May Grima this afternoon, charged with threatening Omar Pisani, carrying arms proper during the commission of an offence against the person, carrying a knife in public without a police permit and taking up arms against the man, attacking and insulting him. 

He was also charged with breaching bail conditions and committing the offence whilst under a suspended sentence, as well as with recidivism. In separate proceedings, Baldacchino is facing charges of drug trafficking.

In between bouts of loud crying, Baldacchino told the court he was a sales trader and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

His lawyer, Noel Bianco, requested bail. But this was contested by the prosecution, who said there were civilian witnesses who were yet to testify and that the accused had failed to take heed of his previous brushes with the law.

Bail was refused as the accused was not deemed sufficiently trustworthy and due to the witnesses who were yet to testify.

Bianco then asked that the man be held at the Forensic Unit at Mount Carmel Hospital as he had a drug dependency problem. The Court ordered that the man be medically examined and given all the assistance he needed to overcome his drug abuse issues.

Inspector Kylie Borg prosecuted.

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