[WATCH] Police launch ‘community policing’ pilot project in Mellieha

The inititave will help police officers to tackle more community related issues like illegal parking, traffic problems and fights between neighbours 

Police Force launches new community policing

The Malta Police Force has launched the Community Policing initiative in an effort to increase security and safety among residents, voluntary organisations and associations in the localities 

The initiative is part of the Strategy in the Prevention of Criminality launched by the ministry in July. 

The Mellieha locality will serve as a pilot project, with officials having been present on the site of 30 accidents since the project was launched. There have also been 124 hours of foot patrols over the last two weeks, with eight tickets being given as well as 13 verbal warnings.   

Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar said that the project is aimed at addressing issues which concern residents, including traffic, illegal parking, loud noise and quarrels between neighbours. 

“This project will help in increasing the public’s trust in police officers, as their presence will be felt more among the community,” Cutajar said. 

Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia said that after an assessment has been carried out on the project, it will be implemented in localities which are not considered as tranquil as Mellieha. 

“If the pilot project is successful, we hope to implement it among other localities and further on, across all Malta and Gozo,” Farrugia said. 

Farrugia said that in the first few days of its implementation, residents have already reacted well to the initiative.

“This is the next step towards reducing criminality, which as the years go by, continues to decline,” he said. 

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