Maltese greens: ‘Barroso, Kessler, Day must answer for their misdeeds’

Alternattiva Demokratika says scandalous evidence of human rights violations and breach of laws means John Dalli could win as much as €2 million in compensation.

José Barroso
José Barroso

Alternattiva Demokratika's spokesperson for EU and international affairs has called on the Maltese government to demand that European Commissioner José Barroso answers for "misdeeds" in the circumstances that forced the resignation of Maltese commissioner John Dalli back in 2012.

"Scandalous evidence emerged today in the European Parliamentary committee investigating Dalligate, whereby it was ascertained that the EU anti-fraud agency OLAF, was reluctant to give its watchdog access to its case files for scrutiny and that the agency often gave 'doctored' information or information which had been 'cleaned up'," Arnold Cassola said of the hearing today in which the OLAF supervisory committee listed breaches of human rights and national laws in the investigation carried out on John Dalli.

"It has also been stated that OLAF have infringed Belgian, Portuguese and Maltese Laws 23 times in the course of their investigation and that the case instituted by John Dalli is therefore a winning one and will cost the European taxpayer €2 million," Cassola said, referring to Dalli's proceedings in the European Court of Justice against the Commission, citing unfair dismissal.

Cassola said that AD wanted the Maltese government to press the EU to ensure that Barroso, and secretary-general Catherine Day and OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler answer for their "misdeeds" in the events that brought about Dalli's forced resignation.

"On the local front we also want an explanation from all the  Maltese PN and PL MEPs  who, during the course of these seven months have kept their mouth shut and not said a word to defend the honour of our country. We want a full explanation for the 'omert of the Maltese MEPS".

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Joseph Borg
its no use protesting complaining etc. We, Maltese, need top foreign journalists to get interest in our affairs and air them internationally. Unfortunately the way media works is not WHAT happens, but WHERE it happens. Same, its not WHAT is said but WHO says what!!!!!!!
Despite the amount mentioned in the report I don't believethe compensation money is the crux of the matter it is more of clearing one's name and the reputation of a nation. Our Nation !

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