Q&A | A government of and for the people | Ian Castaldi Paris

After crossing over from the PN to Labour, Ian Castaldi Paris talks about why he decided to switch parties and what makes Labour tick

Ian Castaldi Paris
Ian Castaldi Paris

Which part of the political life appeals to you?

For me, politics means being close to people and keeping contact with them. I mostly enjoy working on environmental aspects and aspects relating to business and economy

You’ve switched from PN to Labour: what have you learnt from both parties?

I have learnt from Joseph Muscat that politics is about serving and bringing the best for your country. From Labour I have learnt what working as a team means, it brings strong and concrete results. I cannot say the same for the PN, it was more of an individual person working alone. The PN has always had its agenda and never really bothered to improve people’s quality of life.

Why should the electorate vote for you?

We are an excellent team and all candidates are fantastic. I feel that my motivation and enthusiasm to work is something one should consider as a plus. I have matured politically and surely will do my utmost if elected.

If elected, what do you personally hope to change? 

I look forward to work with the same team spirit as there is today and I look forward to continue working with this government who addresses people’s needs on a daily basis, which for years under the PN administration were never addressed.

Which, in your opinion, was the government’s best decision and worst mistake since the 2013 general election?

There were several good decisions and all actions this government took brought positive changes. People are happier and acknowledge that this is a government of and for the people. I cannot think of any particular mistakes however I do appreciate that this government recognises that no one is perfect and always learns from its mistakes. As opposed to the PN who never acknowledge any wrongdoings even after a big defeat.

Which, in your opinion, was the opposition’s best decision and worst mistake since the 2013 general election?

There was absolutely no best decision from the opposition. They are as closed as they were years ago. The worst mistake has been keeping the same old faces running the party including Simon Busuttil who was part of the PN in the last defeat. 

Based on your door-to-door encounters, what are the top three concerns of families?

Positive ones as they do not want change. They are living comfortably under this government and they acknowledge of having improved their lifestyle as this is a government that aimed to improve ones living standard.

The Labour Party is saying that what matters most to the electorate is their quality of life: don’t you think that citizens are equally concerned by matters like transparency and meritocracy?

Citizens do acknowledge that this government is not perfect but tries hard and always acknowledges what is can do better. Surely people are satisfied that under this government whatever colour you are you get what you deserve. Under the PN this was not the case and many citizens were hurt.

How much of a difference will the PL proposal - to give back workers public holidays that fall on a weekend - will really make?

It will have a great impact as people do see that the governments aim was not really the holiday but the promotion for each and everyone of us to spend more quality time with the family. Family is at the heart of this Government.

Won’t it hurt small businesses?

I am sure that given the strong economy this government created small businesses will not really feel the impact.

A possible framework for the recreational use of cannabis has been suggested by both political parties: in your opinion, how can Malta’s drug policy be reformed?

I am not an expert on the matter but surely we have to move on with today’s daily issues and cannot keep ignoring the changes that our country has experienced in the past. We need to open up and move one. Times have changed and the way we think on certain issues must be adapted to today’s world.

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