PL-PN ‘have broken balls’: Billboard Guerrillas say it with spray

The message ‘PLPN qazzistu l’Alla’ was sprayed over several PL and PN billboards in a protest against the overarching power of the political duopoly

A group of activists calling themselves Billboard Guerrillas have sprayed stencilled messages on political billboards, in protest at the overarching power of Malta’s political duopoly.

The message ‘PLPN qazzistu l’Alla’ was sprayed over several PL and PN billboards.

“The way every inch of our country has been filled with stupid and hollow slogans is emblematic of the PLPN’s total occupation of our political, mental and social spaces. So last night we carried out a symbolic attack on this occupation amidst a suffocating electoral campaign which is posing a challenge to the sanity of many,” the group said in an email to the press.

The group used an email, a handle used by the autonomous anticapitalist movement that is also active in the fight for digital rights.

“The PLPN have taken over all of Malta’s institutions so that they, together with their unelected friends in high positions, continue exercising unchecked power. Whilst every so often the colour of those in Government changes, power remains in the hands of the same people who carry out the same kind of policies – they feed the fat cats and cheat on the rest. Clearly, they like to put on a show and accuse each other of corruption, but none of them is willing to change a system based on greed and ties between big business and politicians.”

The group said that most continue voting for the two parties out of resignation rather than conviction – “they choose what they deem to be a ‘lesser evil’ in a hopelessly corrupt system. “This is not what democracy is about. In a real democracy, those who have the power are the people, not an elite that changes colour but not substance.”

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