Update 3 | Electoral Commission confirms 92% voter turnout

The Electoral Commission has confirmed a 92% voter turnout in the 2017 general elections

Polling stations close at 10pm
Polling stations close at 10pm
Approximate figures show high voter turnout by 2pm

The Electoral Commission has released the approximate voter turnout, confirming a 92% turnout by the time the polling stations closed. 

The figure respresents 1% less than the 93% turnout registered in 2013.

In 2008, the voter turnout was at 93% as well, which would place this year's turnout the lowest since the 2003 election.

Official figures show that all localities have registered reductions, although district 12 registered the biggest drop when compared to 2013 (-2%).

The largest turnout was registered in district 4 (93.85%).

On the other hand, a record high turnout of 52.32% was registered by 2pm. The 2pm turnout during the 2003 and 2013 elections stood at 49%.

Data provided by the Commission shows that the majority of districts recorded a turnout that was well over the 51%, with the first district registering the highest turnout at 56.24%.

The lowest turnout so far was recorded in the seventh district, with 49.26%. It however compares with the twelfth district (49.32%), the third district (49.51%), district 13 (49.61%) and district 5 (49.74%).

Compared with the 2013 elections, districts 2 and 9 registered the highest voter turnout (+7%).

A comparison of voter turnout per districts can be viewed in MaltaToday's dedicated Election 2017 page

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