PN will create 10 new economic sectors in €1 billion spend

The first electoral pledge of the PN is to create 10 new economic sectors • Grech says the party showed it was prepared and was not caught off-guard by the election announcement

PN kickstarted the 2022 electoral campaign on Sunday (Photo: PN)
PN kickstarted the 2022 electoral campaign on Sunday (Photo: PN)

The first electoral pledge of the Nationalist Party is to allocate €1 billion for the creation of 10 new economic sectors.

PN was quick to launch into action today with an expected announcement for a late-March general election. No sooner had Robert Abela announced the 26 March date, the PN’s slogans and campaign material - no doubt long mapped out - were uploaded on social media.

And at 6pm, a mass rally outside the PN headquarters in Pietà allowed the party to show off a better political choreography than usual. With massive banners hanging down from the Stamperija’s top floor, Bernard Grech addressed supporters from a stage along with younger members of the party serving as his backdrop.

The beginning of this uphill campaign for the PN, was made to look positive and fun, and even Grech made sure to point it out: “They thought they would catch us out, but we were there ready within the hour, and you all have answered our call today,” he said to applause.

“We prepared a positive campaign that will bring hope to all, a campaign that will ask you to be the protagonist,” Grech said.

PN’s official slogan for the election is “Miegħek. Ghal Malta” translating to “With you. For Malta”.

“Our first studied pledge in this electoral campaign is to allocate a billion euro to create 10 new economic sectors,” Grech said. He said the government not only failed to create new economic sectors, but put those created by a PN government in jeopardy.

He spoke of the importance of a healthy work-life balance and said PN wants the Maltese to spend more time with their family.

Grech said the Labour Party started off the campaign, with “more lies” in reference to reports that said he had decided to drop the fifth district for the twelfth. The PN leader confirmed he will still contest the fifth and eleventh districts.

PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)
PN leader Bernard Grech (Photo: PN)

“We are not perfect but we have the most noble aims to improve the lives of people […] We are here for you. This is your campaign. We are with you for Malta. Be courageous, be with me, with us. Together we can make it.”

PN's head of political research Martina Caruana said the Maltese deserve much better than a “corrupt government” and that the PN will be the protection of the Maltese.

Caruana had harsh words for the Labour government which she said “tarnished the reputation of Malta around the world”.

“Malta deserves Bernard Grech, a Prime Minister that inspires us to do better,” Caruana said. “Bernard I will be with you for Malta.”

PN General Secretary Michael Piccinino said the party proved it was ready for the election, despite the snap announcement by the PM.

“Do not let anyone convince you we deserve less. Together with you for Malta, we can bring about the long awaiting change,” Piccinino said.

“We need your help. We require your presence in such events. We want you to be a crucial part of this campaign.”

Piccinino appealed for volunteers to join the party campaign and encouraged supporters to be “generous” and take part in the €500 tile campaign. He said the electoral program will not be just a wish list but will show the long-term vision for the country.

PN will be holding the next rally on Monday at 6pm in Valletta.