Robert Abela tackles voter abstention again

For a second time in as many days, Robert Abela addresses those who will not vote in the 26 March election

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Robert Abela harped on the need for people to go out and vote on 26 March, when speaking in San Ġwann on Friday evening.

This was the Prime Minister’s second appeal in as many days for people to vote in the election. Within the Labour Party there is a growing feeling that a section of those who voted for the party in 2017 will abstain this time around.

The abstention is unlikely to lose the election for the PL but it will cut the party’s gap over the Nationalist Party. It is an open secret that Abela wants to win the election with a majority similar to that obtained by his predecessor.

When taking part in a special edition of Awla, a One TV discussion programme, from a square in San Ġwann, Abela insisted the party’s proposals had to be voted upon to become reality.

He insisted on the importance of voting and the need for people to collect their voting documents. Voting documents are currently being distributed door-to-door by the police.

Abela addressed those with a grievance and said where possible solutions will be found.