Grech: PN will not repeal cannabis law but introduce amendments

Nationalist leader says PN will introduce legal amendments to protect society: ‘The experts were clear on the issue’  

Nationalist leader Bernard Grech
Nationalist leader Bernard Grech

Bernard Grech has said a Nationalist government will not repeal cannabis legislation, but will introduce amendments which “protect society”. 

“We are not spiteful. The law is there, and we will not remove it, but we will introduce amendments which protect people. The experts were clear on it,” he said. 

Grech was interviewed in the highly contested district of Birkirkara. Party heavyweights Adrian Delia, Beppe Fenech Adami and David Agius were all present. 

He was asked on whether he feels the party’s conservative stance on a number of issues has resulted in the PN losing out on votes. 

“It could be that we lost out on votes on certain issues. We don’t decide according to what gets us votes,” he said, pointing out the party’s “liberal” stance on European Union accession. 

Birkirkara district heavyweights Adrian Delia (right) and Beppe Fenech Adami (left) were present
Birkirkara district heavyweights Adrian Delia (right) and Beppe Fenech Adami (left) were present

On passport sales, Grech said a Nationalist government would reform the scheme, so that applicants have a genuine link to Malta.  

“If you want to be Maltese, you have to show it, and not hide your name. If you want to pass through the proper due diligence, yes you can get the citizenship,” he said. 

He also accused the Labour Party of being bound to the scheme, labelling it as their only source of financial income for the country. 

“Robert Abela has no idea on how to create new economic sectors. He is bound to selling citizenship, he has no options,” he said. 

He also slammed the PM for his refusal to withdraw the scheme for Russian nationals, only to do it a week after. 

“Robert Abela should have made a clear declaration on passports. It is clear, the country needs stable leadership,” he said. “Look at what former PM Lawrence Gonzi did during the Libya crisis.”

The Nationalist leader was also asked on how his aide Chris Peregin, had opened a constitutional case against party-owned stations when heading Lovin Malta. 

“Let us look at the objective truth. Even [former PN leader] Eddie Fenech Adami had said that we will be arriving to a time when party stations will close down,” he said. “But now we are in a situation where the PBS has been snatched by Robert Abela. I am not talking about the journalists and the staff, but how the agenda is influenced to favour government.”

Grech said a Nationalist government would ensure an impartial National Broadcaster and Broadcasting Authority. 

He also said the PL was copying ideas from the PN manifesto. “All they have to do is change the cover.”

“We are the only party with a clear vision, a clear electoral programme, to offer people an alternative,” he said. 

Grech said a Labour Party pledge announced on Monday morning, on the “right to open a company bank account”, was copied from the PN manifesto. 

“They don’t have a plan, all they do is attack us,” he said.