Parties disengage in last days of campaign

With Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi not attending the BA debate and Opposition leader Joseph Muscat refusing questions, signs of fatigue hit parties.

With just two more days to go until the 2013 election campaign comes to an end, signs of fatigue and disengagement have crept into both parties, all extra careful not to trip over some minefield and guarding their words.

Both parties are now picking and choosing which interview requests to uphold and which themes to highlight should press conferences be held.

Both Lawrence Gonzi's and Joseph Muscat's day is brimming with activities, yet this might not necessarily include responding to questions by journalists. For example, the Prime Minister will be greeting Ali Tarhouni, leader of the Libya's National Centrist Party, while deputy leader Simon Busuttil will be replacing him during the debate organised by the Broadcasting Authority.

On the other hand, the leader of the Opposition this morning recorded a programme on TVM, sat for an interview with his party's radio station and will be holding two political activities later on this evening. The only possible question-time opportunity the media had was during a visit at the Intercontinental Hotel - but journalists were left wanting for more after politely being informed that his schedule was "packed".

Not surprised with Simon going for the BA debate. Simon likes the limelight and feels proud of his gaffes. Come on Simon...KURAGG.
Paul Sammut
It's not fatigue. It's Fear. The Tarhouni meeting is clearly just an excuse. Which Prime Minister avoids the last election debate? Dr Gonzi is eloping the debate fearing it would probably be disastrous for him. He fields Dr Busuttil so that he gets blamed when things turn sour.