[WATCH] 'Voting turnout drops indicative but result yet to be seen’ – Minister Chris Said

Minister Chris Said says while drops in turnouts in PN districts ‘indicative’, result remains to be seen, pledges to work wherever he is asked to work irrespective of result.

Minister Chris Said with MaltaToday's Miriam Dalli.
Minister Chris Said with MaltaToday's Miriam Dalli.

Nationalist Minister Chris Said said that while the drops in voting turnouts, along with the districts these are registered in "are indicative"; he insisted that the actual election result remains to be seen.

He noted that the Gozo turnout was "roughly" the same, percentagewise, as the 2008 election, adding that this also "is an indication in itself."

However he insisted that the actual election result would emerge once the sorting of votes begins.

Asked about the prospect of having to step down as Minister, Said remarked that the people's decision is supreme, and that he remains willing to working as a politician irrespective of the result.

"I am ready to keep working wherever I am asked to work," he said.

"If I am asked to work in a ministry, or as a parliamentary secretary, or even an opposition MP, I am willing to carry out my work with full loyalty towards the voters in the district I am elected from, but above all to be of service to the country irrespective of my own position."

Asked about drops in voting turnouts in traditionally PN-leading localities, Said remarked that "that is indicative in itself but ultimately means nothing as those who case their vote the people."

"However yes, turnouts are indicative, as well as the districts, they are registered in," he concluded.