Miriam Dalli | If we want to safeguard our planet for future generations, we need to innovate and change

Meet Labour candidate Miriam Dalli

I will continue working hard on the issues that matter to people. That’s why I am investing a lot in meeting people and businesses all across Malta and Gozo. If re-elected, I commit to continue building on these five years.

Safeguarding Malta’s interests

First and foremost, safeguarding Malta’s interests. This is about defending the national interest against threats to our economic stability. It is our responsibility to improve and reform, but we also need to make sure that we do not play in the hands of those who ignore the realities of island states like ours who are at the periphery of Europe.

A fair society

I believe in a fair society, a society that fights discrimination and gives persons with different abilities the support needed to maximise their potential and talents. This is also about ensuring an inclusive education that promotes different abilities and prepares students for future careers. It’s not about a one-size-fits-all system but a tailor-made education that addresses different needs and abilities. A fair society is also an equal society. As we push harder for women empowerment - including by increasing the number of women in decision-making positions - we need to ensure equality at all levels. This needs policies whereby parents are encouraged to share the responsibility of bringing up their children. I will keep on pushing for shared parental leave and other policies which would also allow for a better work-life balance.

Healthy citizens

Promoting a good quality of life is also about safeguarding our mental and physical health. Citizens need green spaces where they can relax and wind down, practice outdoor sports and enjoy their free time. It is also about ensuring that we continue regulating substances that are harmful for our wellbeing - such as glyphosate and endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Climate action

We can no longer delay climate action. Not only do we have binding Paris Agreement targets but, we are already experiencing the repercussions of climate change. If we want to safeguard our planet for future generations, then we need to innovate and change. Technological advancement can help us substitute polluting operations, develop sustainable alternatives whilst allowing the creation of quality jobs. To breathe cleaner air should not become a luxury. We need production systems that incorporate sustainability within them.


Innovation is the catalyst of new economies. It can regenerate crafts and trade whilst using new developments to improve different kinds of services - be it the health sector, mobility or manufacture. But we need clear policies in place to foster this innovation. In this regard, my five priorities are: (i) increased investment in research and development, (ii)access to funds, (iii) educational programs, (iv)increased collaboration between researchers and (v)partnerships between universities and educational institutions, the private and public sectors - both at local level and even at European level.

Quick-fire Q&A

Do you agree with the creation of an EU army?    No. Such a move should respect the neutrality of countries like Malta.

Should corporate taxation be harmonised across the European Union?    No.

Should children of refugees born on Maltese soil be entitled to Maltese citizenship? As things stand, all children born in Malta have the possibility to apply for citizenship.

Should MEPs have the power to veto decisions taken by the European Council? No. During trilogues, the European Parliament and Council reach their common consolidated position, facilitated by the European Commission. This puts both institutions on an equal footing.

Should Malta stop selling citizenship, which is also EU citizenship, under the IIP? Across the EU there are a number of citizen programmes and residence programmes. All should undergo a strict due diligence process.

Should Turkey be a member of the EU? When it fulfils all criteria like all Member States, including safeguarding human rights, its application may start being considered.

Should border controls be reintroduced in Schengen countries? No

Do you agree with a ‘Mare Nostrum’ style European rescue mission in the Mediterranean financed by the EU budget? Only if clear, workable rules are agreed between Member States and if all Member States agree to relocation.