European Parliament votes to allocate €10 billion in migration funds

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli said the funds being made available to member states to address asylum and migration was a win for frontline countries like Malta

The fund was approved with 374 votes in favour and 260 against
The fund was approved with 374 votes in favour and 260 against

The European Parliament on Wednesday endorsed the renewed Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), the budget for which for the period between 2021 and 2027 is set to be increased to €10.41 billion, a 51% increase on the previous financial framework.

The Labour Party (PL) said in a statement that Labour MEP Miriam Dalli had secured another win for Malta through her work on the legislative report on the use of more than €10 billion on migration affairs in the European Union.

It said that “in a win against the conservative forces in the European Parliament”, Dalli succeeded in bringing together political groups and parliamentarians who “believe in solidarity and that frontline countries like Malta should not be left on their own”.

“I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of the vote. Had it been for the conservative forces, this fund would be spent in third countries and not within the EU, as is its aim. But today the European Parliament voted to support countries like Malta,” Dalli was quoted saying.

The report was approved with 374 votes in favour, 260 against and 49 abstentions, with Dalli “again splitting the European People’s Party”.

The PL said negotiations had resulted in all political groups agreeing that the principle of solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility served as a legal basis for the proposed AMIF.

“Whilst we need a decisive and common policy, it is important to remember that financial support is essential when countries like Malta end up in situations that this country faced in the past months,” Dalli said. “Money from this fund can be used to support relocation measures from countries like Malta to other states.”

The AMIF is intended to strengthen the EU’s common asylum policy, develop legal migration, in line with the member states’ economic and social needs, contribute to countering irregular migration and ensure effective, safe and dignified return, readmission and reintegration in non-EU countries.

However, it should also ensure solidarity and fair sharing of responsibility between the member states, in particular towards those most affected by migration challenges, including through practical cooperation.

In addition to the AMIF, Parliament also voted to back an instrument for financial support for border management and visa as part of the new Integrated Border Management Fund (IBMF) and to reinforce the existing Internal Security Fund (ISF).

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