With 17 Black on his mind, David Casa chooses EP’s Arabian Peninsula delegation

The Nationalist MEP says more cooperation is needed with countries like the UAE over international corruption and cases of money laundering

Nationalist MEP David Casa was elected for a fourth consecutive term in May's European Parliament election
Nationalist MEP David Casa was elected for a fourth consecutive term in May's European Parliament election

David Casa has been confirmed a member of the European Parliament’s Arabian Peninsula delegation with the Nationalist MEP intent on pursuing the 17 Black case.

Casa said the EP wanted greater cooperation from countries in the Arabian Gulf on issues of corruption and money laundering.

He cited the example of the United Arab Emirates and the Dubai-registered company 17 Black, which had been listed as a client on the documents of the Panama companies belonging to minister Konrad Mizzi and Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri.

“The UAE should be more vigilant to ensure its financial system is not used for criminal ends, and when it becomes obvious that this is happening, action is taken to ensure justice prevails,” Casa said.

The PN MEP added that he specifically chose to form part of the delegation to be in a better position to “continue with his work on 17 Black”.

17 Black was outed as belonging to one of the Maltese shareholders and directors of Electrogas, the company that won the gas power station tender. According to leaked documents, 17 Black had to transfer €150,000 every month to the two Panama companies belonging to Mizzi and Schembri.

Schembri had admitted that 17 Black was listed as part of a business plan for his Panama company but nothing ever materialised from the arrangement.

Mizzi and Schembri have always denied wrongdoing.

The EP delegation to the Arabian Peninsula is one of many delegations the parliament has to establish diplomatic relations with various countries. These delegations aim to promote EU values such as democracy, respect towards human rights and the rule of law.

Casa was re-elected for a fourth consecutive term as MEP in May’s election. He was subsequently elected one of the EP’s quaestors, the body overseeing parliament’s administration.