[WATCH] €9.5 million Qormi-Luqa route completed

Project transformed two-lane single carriageway way into a dual-carriageway, four-lane connection with a separate cycling and walking track

The main route between Luqa and Qormi
The main route between Luqa and Qormi

Infrastructure Malta has completed a €9.5 million upgrade of the main route connecting Qormi and Luqa.

The project transformed the previous two-lane single carriage way into a dual carriageway, four-lane connection with a separate cycling and walking track.

The 1.5-km route extends from the main Luqa roundabout connecting San Tumas Road with L-Avjazzjoni Avenue and Il-Kunsill tal-Ewropa Road, to the St Vincent de Paule roundabout, between Luqa, Qormi and Hal Farrug.

Infrastructure Malta said that 2.2km of new underground cable and pipelines to reinforce the area’s water, electricity, internet and telecommunication services were laid out.

The project also saw the planting of 84 new trees.

Two kilometres of underground cable for a new LED street light system was also placed.

A new 1.7kmstorm water pipeline and 819,000 litre underground reservoir to reduce flooding risks and to harvest rainwater were also installed.

The dual carriageways of the two roads are separated with landscaped strips, steel crash barriers and concrete barriers that reduce cross-median accidents.

Infrastructure Malta that through the upgrading of the roads, journey times and road safety for commuters have improved.

“This project builds on other recent investments aimed at increasing the capacity, safety and sustainability of this south-central arterial route including the widening of Vjal l-Avjazzjoni in summer 2018, the reconstruction of the Luqa roundabout at the end of the same road and the upgrading of four roundabout junctions in Qormi and Zebbug,” Infrastructure Malta said.

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