[WATCH] Government measures half-baked, opposition leader says

Adrian Delia calls out the government for hijacking the national broadcaster for ‘propaganda’ purposes  

Intervistat fuq NET FM

Posted by Adrian Delia on Saturday, 21 March 2020

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has criticized the government for doing “the bare minimum” during the COVID-19 crisis.

Adrian Delia was interviewed on party radio station NET FM, where he was questioned on the ongoing developments.

Delia complained that while the government prided itself on achieving a surplus, it was turning to everyone to shoulder the burden in a time of need.

“We have an incompetent government that is ignoring its workers, and showing that it doesn’t know how the country’s socio-economic model works,” he says.

Delia said that while international governments are forking out 70% of wage salaries for their country’s workers, Malta is not even paying for 50%.

He criticized the government’s €1.8 billion rescue package, stating that €900 million will be guarantees for loans that business will not be taking. A further €700 million will be tax deferrals that will be paid later on.

“Businesses need a direct liquidation injection, and the government is not providing this,” he said.

Delia said that all unions, associations and institutions have called the government’s measures “half-baked”.

“All the government is doing is pitting employers against their employees, and this will result in a lot of people losing their job,” he said.

The Opposition leader also called out the government for hijacking the national broadcaster, insisting that on prime-time shows, only its officials are being given a chance to voice their statements. “This happened yesterday with the education minister and the economy minister, and happened last week with the Prime Minister,” he said.

He also said that during commercials, “propaganda messaging” is then broadcast. “We should be debating the issue, and yet the government is leaving no room for that debate to happen,” he said.