Cardona’s declarations are not proof of innocence, Repubblika says

Civil society NGO Repubblika call on Prime Minister Robert Abela to remove Chris Cardona from his post as Labour Party deputy leader

Chris Cardona
Chris Cardona

Civil society NGO Repubblika have said Chris Cardona’s denial of statements made by Melvin Theuma in court on Monday are “not proof of innocence”.

The former economy minister and Labour deputy leader for party affairs, dismissed claims made in court alleging he played a role in the Caruana Galizia murder, saying they were nothing but nonsense.

Testifying in court on Monday, Melvin Theuma, the middleman in the journalist’s 2017 assassination, claimed that Cardona had passed on money, through another middleman, to Alfred Degiorgio, known as il-Fulu - one of the three men accused of executing the car bomb murder.

“Melvin Theuma’s evidence is yet another of the many clues that we already knew about: Chris Cardona was caught lying more than once about his relationship with Alfred Degiorgio (il-Fulu),” the activists said.

While maintaining that everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, the NGO said one must not forget the extent to which Cardona’s impunity has reached.

“Just like former OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri, the former minister was arrested for a few hours last December. The two men are still under the protection of the government and act as a mafia – a state within a state – and nobody can do anything against them,” Repubblika said.

The NGO reminded that Melvin Theuma is a witness entrusted by the state, and “not just any witness”.

“Melvin Theuma has the choice between saying the truth in order to help the prosecutor throw Alfred and George Degiorgio, Vince Muscat and Yorgen Fenech in prison for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, or going to prison to pay for what he has already admitted to having done,” it said.

It also called out Prime Minister Robert Abela and Health Minister Chris Fearne for failing to address the fact that their colleague was involved in the witness’ testimony. “They closed their eyes to this as though Chris Cardona was accused of something trivial, such as parking badly or is late in paying up his taxes.”

Repubblika also said if the PM keeps his duty in mind, he should propose Chris Cardona is expelled from the Labour party.

It also warned that the NGO will be returning back to the streets and squares “to remind everyone that we will not tolerate the impunity of these killers and thieves.”

“Meanwhile, we once again appeal to the Police, the Attorney General and the Magistrature and remind them that their duty is not to protect Robert Abela’s reputation,” it said.

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