Delia opponents hail ‘step forward’ for new PN leader to be chosen

Adrian Delia’s opponents say last night’s executive committee decision will bring PN out of difficult period through a leadership election

Adrian Delia's opponents have hailed what they said was another step towards the PN choosing a new leader
Adrian Delia's opponents have hailed what they said was another step towards the PN choosing a new leader

Adrian Delia’s opponents, who represent the majority of the PN parliamentary group, have hailed the decision of the party’s executive last night which could lead to a leadership race.

The MPs said that the decision was another important step forward, through which the PN could emerge from the difficult period it is in, and hold an election for a new leader.

Last night, the Nationalist Party executive committee agreed that it would be the General Council which would choose between asking the tesserati to hold a confidence vote in Delia, or to open a leadership contest amongst the same card-carrying members.

The decision came after an over six-hour long meeting, which led to the executive approving a compromise motion to convene a General Council on 31 July and 1 August that will choose between convening a National Convention for party members to hold a confidence vote in Delia, or otherwise opening a leadership race in which members will vote. The actual vote on the matter will take place on 1 August.

Should the General Council opt to go for a confidence vote before a convention, this would take place three weeks from the date of the vote in the Council.

But should it opt for a leadership race - which is a more complicated process - this could take place up to 12 weeks from the date of the Council vote, according to the PN statute.

Delia has already said that he will be contesting a leadership race amongst the tesserati, should the Council decide to vote for that.

In a statement on Friday, the MPs opposing Delia said they had “full trust” that the party councillors would “take the decision which is so needed right now: a decision for there to be an open [leadership] race which will lead to a renewed Nationalist Party that has a place for everyone, and which is ready for the next electoral tests.”

“This is a historical period for the Nationalist Party,” the MPs said.

“It is a moment where, together, we can start a new page - a page which puts the PN where it deserves to be, as a credible, organised, united party which has a place for all, and, above all, a party which is determined to again win over the popular support of the Maltese and Gozitan people.”

“This is what the PN deserves. This is was our country deserves,” they added.