[WATCH] ‘No investigation on former PM’, Abela says on whether Joseph Muscat’s position is tenable

Former PM Joseph Muscat gave input on government’s COVID-19 financial packages in May, but is not consultant for the government

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela
‘No investigation on former PM’, Abela says on whether Joseph Muscat’s position is tenable

Prime Minister Robert Abela has skirted around the issue of whether former prime minister Joseph Muscat’s position as Labour MP is tenable after he was called in for questioning by police in connection with statements about him by the man accused of having commissioned the Caruana Galizia assassination.

Muscat has insisted that he is not under investigation, but he was questioned under caution by the police over claims advanced by Yorgen Fenech, who stands charged with complicity in the murder.

He was interrogated under caution by police on the 21 August.

Muscat’s name and that of his chief of staff Keith Schembri have also been mentioned or alluded to in recordings by the assassination middleman and loan shark Melvin Thema, who turned State’s evidence to testify against Fenech, for whom he acted as a gopher.

“Joseph Muscat occupies no role in this government. He is just an MP elected by the people. I am following these developments… his questioning by police… he is not being investigated over any crime. Naturally decisions will be taken if changes happen. I will take any decision, no matter how difficult, in the best interest of the country.”

Abela said that as yet, no further investigations or procedures have been taken against Muscat.

Abela confirmed that Muscat gave his opinion on the COVID-19 financial packages announced in May, but said he is not working as a consultant for the government.

He was fielding questions from journalists after meeting members of the Chamber of Commerce in Valletta.

“My principle is that I leave the authorities of this country, most especially investigative authorities such as the police, to do their work without any involvement of mine. This has been the case with since January, and this is what will continue to happen irrespective of the person involved,” Abela commented.