[WATCH] ‘I’m okay with the criticism,’ says transport minister after flooded roads

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg takes road-flooding criticism in his stride as authorities look into the multiple issues that caused main thoroughfares to be submerged following heavy rain

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg
Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg

Ian Borg is fine with criticism levelled towards him on social media following serious flooding yesterday that turned main roads into rivers but confirms the authorities are looking into the multiple causes of the flooding.

He said there were different causes for flooding, ranging from blocked water culverts in some roads and others that do not have systems in place because they are still under construction.

"There were certain issues that we have been aware of for years, such as the flooding in a road in Pembroke where no works have taken place so far. In some cases, water culverts were blocked by debris carried by the water. In other areas, road works were still underway [the roads beneath the Marsa flyovers] and so the systems aren't yet functional. The cases vary," he said.

Borg was replying to questions this morning after a press conference in Gozo to announce a new special bus route linking Gozo to the university and Valletta.

The minister said yesterday's downpour saw places in Malta experience four inches of rainfall. "This is almost one fifth or 20% of usual yearly rainfall," he said.

When asked about the newly rebuilt Triq Gorg Borg Olivier in Rabat, pictured with rain water bypassing a drainage grill, Borg confirmed that he has asked Infrastructure Malta to verify the situation.

"The authorities are looking into the cause, but the cause is different for every circumstance. Where the authority or contractor is in the wrong, they have to remedy the issue; where it is a situation that requires more time and resources for planning, it has to be tackled from that aspect," he added.

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