[WATCH] Bernard Grech calls out Abela's 'stubbornness' over COVID doctor's removal

Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech says the Prime Minister is willing to face industrial action by doctors by refusing to retract decision to redeploy COVID response team consultant Kenneth Grech

Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech
Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech

Prime Minister Robert Abela remains stubborn and has yet to admit he was wrong to remove COVID consultant Kenneth Grech despite widespread criticism of the decision, Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech said.

Taking to social media Grech lambasted the Prime Minister, saying that by remaining stubborn he was willing to face industrial action by doctors and preventing professionals from doing their work.

The Medical Association of Malta gave notice of industrial action following the government's decision to redeploy Kenneth Grech after he advised schools to be cautious when reopening after the Christmas holidays.

“He’s telling you - if you’re a parent don’t interfere because he just knows. If you are a teacher, do not interfere because he only knows. If you are a nurse, do not interfere because he only knows. Now even if you are a medical consultant, he is telling you not to interfere because he only knows,” Grech said.

On Tuesday morning, MAM declared an industrial dispute over the consultant’s removal from the COVID response team. MAM requested an urgent meeting with Health Minister Chris Fearne ahead of planned industrial action that is to start on Thursday. 

“As soon as possible, the Prime Minister should reverse his decision and put Kenneth Grech back on the COVID response team,” the PN leader said.

The decision to remove Grech was condemned by MAM, the Malta Union of Nurses and Midwives, the Malta Union of Teachers, Union of Professional Educators and various other organisations, including those representing independent and Church schools.

Health Minister Chris Fearne and the Prime Minister yesterday denied the redeployment was linked to the school strike, insisting the consultant's services were required elsewhere in the health service.

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