Bernard Grech hears small business concerns in 'spontaneous' visit to Mosta flea market

Bernard Grech in ‘spontaneous’ visit to the Mosta flea market says party is putting people at the centre of its work

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

Opposition leader Bernard Grech has told business owners and shoppers in Mosta the Nationalist Party is putting people at the centre of its politics.

In a “spontaneous” visit to the Mosta flea market, where the media wasn’t invited, the PN leader spoke about his vision for small and medium enterprises.

“As I had promised in my election campaign, I want to see a style of politics which puts people at the centre of its work, and this can only be achieved by being close to people,” the PN leader said.

He also made reference to a survey by the Chamber of SMEs, which showed that two-thirds of small and medium enterprises are worried that they won’t make it through 2021.

In a statement, the PN said the same consensus was felt among the stall owners who spoke to Grech.

According to the party, business owners are calling on government to do “more for them” and to explain better what will happen after March. The COVID wage supplement, which has kept many in vulnerable businesses afloat, runs until March.

“According to owners they are being left in the dark by government, making it difficult for them to plan ahead,” the PN said.

The PN said it will continue working towards convincing people it is an alternative government with a vision for the country.

Grech was accompanied the PN Mosta Committee President Norvin Spiteri and PN SME Forum President Julian Galea.