PN calls for psychosocial support for healthcare workers

The Nationalist Party says pandemic could have 'devastating effect' on frontliners

The Nationalist Party is calling for frontliners to be given phychosocial support.

This statement was in reaction to reports from ITU nurses saying that the number of cases requiring care has affected their mental health.

“The Opposition has long said that frontliners need psychological support because of that going through it, where they have been fighting day after day for over a year case after case of COVID-19 with a serious shortage of staff,” the party said.

The PN said studies have shown that the effect the pandemic will have on frontliners could be “devastating.” The party said studies have also demonstrated that some frontliners are expressing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“The Opposition calls on the Government to offer all possible assistance to them the frontliners including psychological help. These are our last line of defence, and if broken, they are not getting anyone to take care of us and defend us from this virus killer.” the party said.

The party said it appreciated the sacrifices frontliners have made.