Volt Malta seeking candidates as it becomes a registered political party

The next general election will see candidates from Volt Malta gracing the ballot sheet after the European political party formally obtained registration in Malta

A Volt Europa general assembly in Amsterdam
A Volt Europa general assembly in Amsterdam

Volt Malta is a new political party that will contest the next general election after it received formal recognition from the Electoral Commission.

The party, which is an affiliate of the European political organisation Volt Europa, is administered by President Arnas Lasys and Vice-President Alexia DeBono.

Volt Malta is the 16th registered party of Volt Europa and is actively seeking candidates for the election.

In a statement on Tuesday, Volt Malta said it aims to tackle a wide range of issues, such as corruption by emphasising transparent governance and separation of power, the environment, and sexual and reproductive rights.

The party will push for decriminalisation of abortion, classifying all contraceptives as essential medicine, thus making it the first pro-choice party in Malta.

The party said it will also focus on refugees and economic migrants by emphasising European asylum systems and a humanitarian approach.

“The party emphasises in making use of best-practice solutions, with a pragmatic approach - and instead of viewing matters from a national perspective, from a European perspective with European solutions,” the statement said.

The party invited all persons whose values align with its own to apply to become members. 

Volt Europa is a European party currently represented by one MEP in Germany, three MPs in Netherlands, and dozens of regionally elected representatives across Germany, Italy and Bulgaria.