Abide by the inquiry recommendations and expel Zammit Lewis insists PN

The Nationalist Party says that Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis cannot be entrusted with implementing the laws suggested by the public inquiry and calls on the Prime Minister to remove him

The Nationalist Party has called out the government to act on the recommendations of the public inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia and expel justice minister Edward Zammit Lewis.

Chief PN spokesperson Peter Agius quoted from the inquiry that states that politicians and business people should not be in any close relationship and/or collusions, and insisted Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis is in a direct violation of this recommendation.

PN MP Karol Aquilina noted that the inquiry is proposing the enactment of a set of new laws that should be implemented once parliament is back from the summer break.

These laws would be criminalising acts by persons in public office related to abuse of power, obstruction of justice and derailment of investigations and inquiries. Other inquiry recommendations include a law similar to that enacted in Italy that criminalises mafia tactics.

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Aquilina added that Zammit Lewis's position is untenable and he should not be responsible for enacting any of these laws.

PN president for policy and research Martina Caruana argued that if Prime Minister Robert Abela is serious about the implementation of the inquiry recommendations, an urgent parliamentary session should be held in order to discuss the position of Zammit Lewis “who ridiculed his voters and the rest of the country”.

Asked whether the PN lacks the credibility to ask for Zammit Lewis's resignation when two deputies had met with Yorgen Fenech after it was already known that he was the owner of 17 Black, Agius and Aquilina said that it is not fair to put everyone in the same category and that it is totally unacceptable for the justice minister to act in such a way.