Survey results show Nationalist Party is constantly improving, Bernard Grech says

Opposition leader Bernard Grech insists money laundering charges against Pilatus Bank show Nationalist Party was right in its criticism  

Opposition leader Bernard Grech
Opposition leader Bernard Grech

The leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech has said the latest MaltaToday survey results show the Nationalist Party is making “constant improvement".  

“More people are not only understanding our message, but are resonating towards it,” Grech said.  

Sunday’s MaltaToday survey showed the Prime Minister Robert Abela continues to enjoy a 22-point lead over Grech.  

The trust barometer also showed the Labour Party enjoying a lead of more than 33,000 votes, which represents a drop of around 6,000 since July. 

“The PN is strengthening itself going forward. It does not mean we are there, but that we have to continue working harder,” Grech said. 

Interviewed on party radio station NET FM, the PN leader referred to a recent string of spoof emails and websites which were circulated in the media trying to impersonate activists and media houses. 

“It is very wrong when we have such instances in our democracy,” he said.  

He called out the Labour party media house for failing to turn up to a demonstration held last week against the disinformation campaign.  

“We not only have fake news, but fake MPs and a fake government,” Grech said.  

Grech also made reference to the National Broadcaster, stating that despite the structures in place, government still insists on twisting the narrative in its favour. “It is part of Castille’s misinformation campaign.” 

He also called out SLAPP suits against media houses and MP’s “for speaking their mind.”  

“This has happened to countless individuals and media houses, with the latest victim being MP Jason Azzopardi, who has refused to stop speaking about the truth,” Grech said.  

Pilatus Bank  

Pilatus Banks’ fall from grace reached crisis point last week, as the elusive bank was formally charged with money laundering activity and slapped with a €5 million fine by Malta’s financial watchdog. 

Grech said the case involving the bank is another case of government inaction by the Labour administration.  

“Government MPs defended Pilatus Bank, and ridiculed us when we criticised it,” he said. “While others with authority, Iike former minister Edward Scicluna, failed to take action. They looked the other way.” 

PN Greens  

Speaking on the newly launched working group dubbed PN Greens, headed by candidate Janice Chetcuti, Grech said it will help in providing a space where people who want to contribute towards environmental change are welcomed.  

“In politics you need passion, and with our collective passion, we can be the catalysts for change,” he said.  

On the proposed Marsascala marina, the opposition leader insisted that should he be elected PM, the project will be withdrawn.  

“This is a rich people’s government, and it has shown this time and time again,” Grech said. “Everyone has the right to live in a serene locality.”