[WATCH] Bernard Grech proposes doubling VAT-exempt threshold to €60,000

The measure is aimed at simplifying bureaucracy while addressing the rising cost of living

Photo: Partit Nazzjonalista
Photo: Partit Nazzjonalista
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Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Thursday, September 16, 2021

Opposition leader Bernard Grech has proposed doubling the current VAT-exempt threshold from €30,000 to €60,000 as a means of simplifying bureaucracy at source.

“My message to you, as party leader and as future Prime Minister if you give me your trust, is that with me you’ll carry less of a burden, because you won’t have to collect and pay VAT,” he stated during a Q&A session in Msida.

The current VAT threshold stands at €30,000, meaning that anyone earning below that amount per year is exempt from having to collect and pay VAT.

Under Grech’s proposal, professionals and SME’s registering income at above €30,000 but less than €60,000 will be exempt from collecting VAT.

“We’re going to be courageous, we’re going to see how to simplify processes,” he stated.

Grech added that this measure would also serve to tackle rising living costs, a topic which the party has pressed heavily on over the past week.

“We’ll help you soar, advance, and move forward so that you can grow your business, invest more, and earn more money and employ more people,” he continued.