Free medicines for patients: PN makes 13 pledges for better cancer care

The PN wants free cancer treatments for patients through the adoption of a drug fund

Free medicines and a dedicated drug fund to buy medication unavailable from the state were among 13 measures pledged by the Nationalist Party to offer better care for cancer patients.

During a press conference on Monday, the party’s health spokesperson Stephen Spiteri was joined by PN social care spokeswoman Claudette Buttigieg and candidate Ian Vassallo to list 13 proposals on cancer treatment to provide a better quality of live to cancer patients and their families.

“Cancer treatment has become disproportionately dependent on the godowill of non-governmental organisations and initiative, often leading to unnecessary discouragement and inefficiency in the care system,” Spiteri said.

The proposals are grouped according to four wider areas: biological care, timely prevention, holistic support, research and innovation.

For biological care, the party proposed allocating the necessary funding to offer free medicines approved by the European Medicines Agency, while expanding access to supportive medicines that help mitigate the side effects of cancer treatment.

It proposed updating the government formulary to offer the newest medicines, and the setting up of a drug fund to help purchase necessary medicines for cancer patients at no cost to them.

With regards to timely prevention, the PN proposed opening screening programs to different age groups and investing in genetic testing to tackle cancer in its early stages.

To help offer holistic support, the PN suggested opening a 24-hour walk-in clinic and using a modern ambulatory chemotherapy system, allowing patients to receive treatment at home.

For research and innovation, the PN pledged to set up a Clinical Research Unit while developing bilateral agreements with foreign countries to offer high-quality care to patients.