[WATCH] Bernard Grech reprimands Adrian Delia over canvassers in uniform

Bernard Grech calls out Adrian Delia's antics insists party rules prohibit candidates from having canvassers wearing uniforms

Bernard Grech has reprimanded Adrian Delia for his show of force on the Fosos
Bernard Grech has reprimanded Adrian Delia for his show of force on the Fosos

Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech has reprimanded his predecessor Adrian Delia and insisted that the show of force by his canvassers during Monday's mass gathering was "unacceptable".

He called for political maturity and stated that all members of the party had to pull the same rope. Grech also remarked that the PN's rules prohibit such behaviour by any candidate.

Grech took over the party leadership from Adrian Delia In October 2020 in an acrimonous battle.

During the Independence Day eve gathering on the Fosos, Delia turned up with a group of uniformed canvassers who stood together at the back of the crowd.

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The show of force did not go down well with some PN supporters and one elderly woman even confronted Delia's canvassers about their dark blue polo shirts that depicted the PN emblem and the words 'Team Adrian Delia' in white.

Grech was speaking to journalists after taking a tour of the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre and met with the founders of Puttinu Cares, Victor Calvagna and Rennie Zerafa. 

Zerafa said that the NGO provides help, which is unaccessible to people who are going through difficulty, including accomodation in London to those that udergoing specialised treatment. He appealed for financial support as works on an accomodation centre in London, are currently in advanced stages 

Grech praised all the voluntary work that the NGO and similar ones like Hospice Malta do with those in need. 

He remarked that the political parties have to support such NGOs but it is also vital that the government provides good quality healthcare, so that the patients do not have to rely on charity. 

Grech added that the PN proposal to extend the list of free medicines will reduce the dependency of patients on the good will of these organisations.