[WATCH] Bernard Grech says Malta deserves a government with a long-term vision

Opposition leader Bernard Grech says he uncovered the truth on the true economic situation of the country

Opposition leader Bernard Grech said he wants to lead a government which builds on the good, and amends the wrong carried out by Labour.

“Today I uncovered the truth, hidden by government, on the true economic situation of the country,” he said.

The Nationalist leader was speaking during a press conference held outside parliament after his budget replica on Monday.

Grech spoke about the proposals laid out by him, outlining his vision for the country on the environment, the job sector and transport among others.

He said the country deserves a government with a long-term vision for Malta.

“This was a budget for today, it does not think about tomorrow, and a Nationalist government will change that,” Grech said.

Addressing the press conference, shadow minister for finance Mario de Marco said the Nationalist Party has continued to be proactive, even from the opposition benches.

He said the PN believes that wealth should be divided equally and in a just manner.

“The country needs to continue changing for it to remain relevant,” he said.

Shadow minister for the economy Kristy Debono said the government has failed to address challenges brought about the country’s greylisting.

“We need a clear economic vision. The budget has not outlined how we can take the country forward,” she said.

She said a new PN government will look to straighten a number of sectors which have been sidelines by this administration such as the financial services, tourism and manufacturing sectors.

“A new PN government will not present a budget for today, but one that looks to the future,” Debono said.