Malta needs lucrative jobs that attract youths, PN says

The Nationalist Party believes the Labour government has betrayed young people in the wake of an EY survey that found that 70% of Maltese youths want to leave the country for good

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(File Photo)

Opposition MP Karl Gouder said that Malta needs to attract more industries that create jobs that pay well and attract youths.

Refering to the EY survey published yesterday, he said that in 2013 the Labour Party had promised dreams for youths but just eight years later, 70% of them want to leave the country for good.

“Youths feel that the government has betrayed them. It is worrying that three quarters of youths are frustrated to live in our country,” Gouder said.

He said that the Nationalist Party encourages youths to make experience and study abroad but stressed that they need something that attracts them back to Malta.

“If nothing is done, the survey will mirror what will happen in a few years, with the departure of youths from Malta, that are crucial for the sustainability of the economy and the pension system,” Gouder said.

He also mentioned that 90% of youths feel that the environment is degrading with the country facing overdevelopment challenges. “The PN is not against development but believes that this could be done differently.”

Gouder said youths need a PN government to bring about drastic change.

PN candidate Joseph Grech mentioned a 2016 NSO labour market survey that found that 79% of youths(15-34) had said that they were happy to work and live in Malta. “Now 70% want to work and live abroad. What has led to this change in just five years?” argued Grech.

With reference to the PN proposal to offer €500 voucher to youths to make experience abroad, he said that this is a good proposal but added that youths should have an incentive to return to contribute in Malta. He stated that the environment has degraded in the last eight years and emphasised the need for more open spaces.

PN candidate Alex Borg said that PN governments had created industries that are still in Malta to this day, like financial services, banking and iGaming. “The PN government put youths on the forefront and created a prosperous environment for them,” he added.

On the contrary the Labour government created precarious work and did not empower youths, he said. Borg also mentioned that the country needs to address the cost of living increase and push for an education reform.