PN reiterates pledge to finance social impact assessments for all localities

The Nationalist Party vows greater local council participation in decision-making and calls for greater funding towards culture and arts

From left to right: PN MPs Claudette Buttigieg, Karl Gouder and Robert Cutajar
From left to right: PN MPs Claudette Buttigieg, Karl Gouder and Robert Cutajar

One of the first decisions that a Nationalist Government would take is to finance a a social assessment study for each locality, PN MP Robert Cutajar said on Friday.

During a party press conference, Cutajar reiterated a pledge first made in 2018 whereby local councils will be allocated funds to carry out a social impact assessment of the problems in their locality.

Following on this, Cutajar promised that local councils would be better involved in any decisions taken.

"A new PN government will take decisions in the interest of common good and all councils. They will be part of the decisions-making process. The PN was always the party that allocated more powers to the local councils," Cutajar stated.

PN MP Karl Gouder argued that local councils do not have enough funding and that the government removed too many responsibilities from under their remit.

“This shows a lack of respect towards local councils. When implementing certain projects in certain localities, the council's input is crucial, as it makes the project easier to imlement and more effective,” Gouder said.

PN says artists lack opportunities, funding, and spaces

Gouder appealed to the government to protect art and the artists involved in the entertainment industry. He criticised government for leaving artists at the bottom of the list when it came to the reopening of events after the pandemic. 

Gouder also emphasised that artists lack opportunities, funding, and spaces where to perform and practice.

“The government is treating artists as amateurs who are only practicing a hobby. We need to treat those in the sector as professionals and with respect. Let’s treat them fairly. When there are funds, let’s disperse them equally according to their capabilities.”

PN MP Claudette Buttigieg stated that government insulted artists when appointing politically exposed persons, who lack experience and expertise, in artistic leadership roles.

“When the government takes away funds and spaces from artists, this means that artists cannot critique the government, and this creates a democratic deficit,” Buttigieg said.