Three from every four new COVID patients were fully vaccinated, ministry says

But the majority of patients that needed intensive treatment were not vaccinated against the virus

Three from every four new COVID-19 cases registered between September and November were fully vaccinated against the virus, the health ministry said.

In response to a parliamentary question from PN MP MAria Deguara on Monday, Health Minister Chris Fearne said that there were 1,475 new COVID-19 cases registered in the two-month period.

From these cases, 341 patients did not receive the jab against COVID-19, while five patients only received the first dose. 

The remaining 1,111 were completely vaccinated against the virus.

However, the vaccine has still succeeded in preventing hospitalisations. From all patients that required intensive treatment during the same period, the majority were unvaccinated.

Those who were vaccinated and needed treatment in the hospital's ITU had not received a booster dose before contracting the virus.

Malta was recently taken off the ECDC green travel list as a result of rising COVID-19 cases locally. It was not the only country to be relegated to the orange travel list, with the majority of EU countries situated on either the orange or red list.