Scientific evidence should guide quarantine period decisions, UHM insists

UHM Voice of the Workers says the position adopted by the Nationalist Party and the Malta Chamber of SMEs is of concern

UHM says decisions on quarantine should be based on scientific evidence
UHM says decisions on quarantine should be based on scientific evidence

UHM Voice of the Workers stated

Any decisions related to quarantine periods should be guided solely by scientific evidence, UHM Voice of the Workers said as it expressed concern on positions adopted by the Malta Chamber of SMEs and the Nationalist Party.

The Chamber of SMEs proposed a reduction of quarantine to five days to alleviate pressure on worker shortages, a position embraced by the PN.

The UHM said that the positions they took appear solely based on the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

“While the union understands the frustration stemming from the fact that the pandemic is still with us, it notes that this sentiment is also the result of populist statements, like ‘the war against COVID-19 has been won’ and that the advent of the vaccine had dealt the fatal blow to the pandemic,” UHM said.

The union argued the daily figures of new COVID-19 cases and deaths prove that reality is different and Malta should continue to follow the advice of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

It added it expects to be consulted by political parties when putting forward proposals affecting workers’ right and conditions.

“UHM strongly believes that health protocols should be drafted on evidence-based practices and not serve to accommodate pressure groups or politicians' agenda,” the union said.

It said it believes the way forward should be to let the health authorities take decisions and not politicians, “an approach adopted by the leader of the Nationalist Party last March.”